Bombelkie, breaking the shackles of traditional fitness photography

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As physique photographers and artists, we work with all physique athletes, male or female, beginners to pros. We can do basic photography and design to complex photography and design, our specialty. Whatever your needs are, we are happy to accommodate. 


Publication submission:

If your goal is to get your images published in a print magazine or an online magazine we are happy to either encourage you to submit directly or we can submit on your behalf. Magazines that we are happy to submit to include: Status Fitness Magazine, Muscle Insider Magazine, Inside Fitness Magazine, Strong Magazine and Muscle Memory Magazine. Let us know your order of preference as we can only submit to one publication per shoot.


We are Marcin and Dawid Witukiewicz,  identical twin brothers born only 5 minutes apart. Though it may be hard to believe, our interests, artistic aesthetic, and ambitions are all as intertwined as our common birth date.  As we were growing up, we were often referred to as BOMBELKIE, which means bubbles - the English equivalent to two peas in a pod. This name has followed us and we have embraced it.


We are identical twins BOMBELKIE, who strive to show the sculptural beauty of the muscular physique in a dynamically infused way through our photographs. Similarly, we feel, the muscular body embodies the raw representation of hard work, commitment, focus, and determination, in a sculptural aesthetic way.


Bombelkie, breaking the shackles of traditional fitness photography

At the end of everything, how do you go about capturing your hard work, dedication, sacrifice, grit, and determination?

We don't “Just take a picture”, we take your image with the utmost respect, and forge something deeper, more artistic that will illuminate the beauty of the human body. Creating a masterpiece that you would be proud to display for years to come.