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Here is a quick description of why we do what we do and with your help, we could continue creating EPIC images.

We are doing work that we believe in, and as artists, are advocating for that work. As struggling artists, we aspire to show the sculptural beauty of the muscular physique in a dynamically infused way through our photographic work... We feel that the muscular body embodies the raw representation of hard work, commitment, focus, and determination, in a sculptural aesthetic way lending itself to a myriad of possibilities to express different ideas. With your support, we hope to continue with our specialty of creating classically artistic images that complement bodybuilding's artistry. We hope to put together an EPIC second-volume coffee table/collectors book celebrating the beauty and power of the muscular form. With your pledge and support, we will be able to continue creating new MONUMENTAL images for you to enjoy. With your support, we will also be converting some of our best images into 3D lenticular prints. 
Thank you for taking the time to read this.


You can also support us through our Patreon Page

3D lenticular print example

(2D version of 3D view)

3D lenticular print example

(2D version of 3D view)

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You can also support us by purchasing our first photography book,

It's a collection of our best work up till 2019

Rise to Epic

  • Bombelkie Photography Vol. 1

  • By Marcin and Dawid Witukiewicz

  • Print Book, 70 Pages

Bombelkie Photography Book Vol 1

You can also support us by purchasing Prints and Merch

WARNING (NSFW): The images in this store contain images of the muscular male body as the subject matter. Implied Fine Art nude and fully nude, viewer discretion is advised. Must be of legal age to view or purchase. 

Prints and Merch