This is a TFP ( Time For Photo ) arrangement only.




You'll never regret the opportunity. But, you'll always regret one not taken. Participate in life's opportunities while you can.


We are putting a book together celebrating the powerful artistry of the muscular male form.


Why do we see, in the culture now, this relentless attempt through advertising, through pop culture to denigrate, demonize, and shame men and masculinity in general?  The female body is celebrated – or exploited – while the male body is ignored.


We are looking to depict some mythological, and artistic ideas. We understand the need for being anonymous, so there are ways to achieve this and will be discussed during the shoot.  We are trying to remove the stereotypical conclusions of what a muscular male is all about, breaking down the social constructs of “meathead”  “misogynistic” and now, social media has started to portray the male as a dumbed-down child who only thinks about toys or when and where to have sex while smoking weed and drinking beers and constantly partying.  Perceptions shift when the work of art is a male who is represented in the nude. That's what today's society has done to the male form. The idea that the male is depicted nude is right away thought of as "EXPLICIT CONTENT" and closer to pornography than art. On the contrary, The Greeks represented heroic qualities through nudity, the ideal warrior fought nude and unprotected. The muscular male torso was also an influence on the design of Greek armor. In mythology, a man of superhuman qualities, a demigod, is the definition of a hero. The naked human male was the fullest measure of perfection throughout the history of Greek and Roman art. For the Greeks, the willingness of the male to go naked was often a sign of pride. In depictions of battles, it is the warriors who are depicted in the nude, and their opponents who are depicted in robes. Even Leonardo’s anatomical studies had the underlying idea that man, and therefore the male body was the measure of all things with "The Vitruvian Man". The fact that it can be represented as an image of power, strength. And at the same time delicate, and gentle lends to a variety of depictions and emotional states. Showing The versatility of the muscular male form. Today, the fitness industry has steered towards using the models as a vehicle to sell products. Depicting a female fitness modal as a sexual object (female is almost always undressed or in various stages of sexualized scantily clad positions), and the male (shown dressed, working out, or on stage posing) completely lacking any substance. We want to bring back the classical aesthetic

If you have some photoshoot ideas (images you would like), please don’t be afraid to let us know. We don’t have requirements regarding age (except that you must be of legal age), ethnicity, hair color, piercing, or tattoos. Though muscle definition is vital to getting really amazing images.



IF YOU ARE IN YOUR BEST SHAPE, & WANT TO SHOOT WITH US OR BE PART OF OUR FUTURE PROJECTS,  we would like to hear from you. Please keep in mind that a guy who wants to be considered for a free shoot (time for photo) does not need to be a professional bodybuilder or fitness model, but must have muscle definition at least. Ideally, you have an athletic, well-defined body with chiseled abs, “muscular physique”, have pubic hair and underarm hair, however, some trimming is acceptable for aesthetic reasons. You do not have to shave your body if you have some hair on you, we ask you to trim it ( this will help to translate the masculinity of the male form).




Your entire body will be photographed. If you are concerned that people will see the images, there is a good chance they will. Also, if you feel the need to control every aspect of how and where your images are used, there is no need to contact us.  


We strive to show the beauty of the muscular male through our work, we feel that this is best translate through the male nude.

The female nude, from the beginning of the seventeenth century onward, tended to displace the male nude because of society's choice for sexual representation.


We work with individuals, couples, and groups. So if you are partners, friends, a team or just work out together in the gym - you are welcomed! Don’t be afraid if you don’t have any experience. We will walk you through the session and make it painless.


What does a model get?

A model gets any image we edit, and 3 edits of their choice absolutely free (As you may guess, we may take a lot of shots during the shoot, but only a few will end up being usable ). We do social media friendly versions of photos that require it. Editing may take a few days to a number of months, depending on the busyness of our schedule (paid shoots have priority when it comes to editing). We also don't give out any unedited images. 


What do we get?

We get a signed Model Release that allows us to edit and use the photos for our photography books, Patreon, social media, as well as this site. We are also planning other possible projects such as calendars, prints, gallery exhibitions, video, etc... We will also be filming behind the scenes footage of our photography process/tutorials for our Patreon page.


Tell us about yourself 

Send us clear photos showing your physique (does not need to be nude). Then we will discuss the time, and any aspects of our work together and pick a date for the shoot.

Feel free to send your submissions by filling out the form below. 



Working on Vol.2 of our photography book. 

Rise to Epic

  • Bombelkie Photography Vol. 1

  • By Marcin and Dawid Witukiewicz

  • Print Book, 70 Pages

Our first photography book,

It's a collection of our best work up till 2019

The preview doesn't show all pages of the book as well as no nudes.